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A third generation stylist, Robert was born in a family full of talented male hair groomers. Since the age of 12 he began his training and at the age of only 13 Robert was fully versed in the skill necessary to cut hair like a pro. At the age of 14, Robert was responsible with running his family's business. His extraordinary ability to feel every grain of mens facial hair made his the extraordinaire in shaving, attracting some of the most talented and the most sought after personnel of the Russian entertainment industry.

At the age of 22, Robert emigrated from the southern part of Russia to Tel Aviv, Israel where he once again proved himself to be amongst t one the prime male groomers, shaping the style of some of the most influential personalities of Israeli celebrity. Once again it was his skill and the innate talents that shaped Robert into the most sought after male groomers of Tel Aviv.

At the age of 26, Robert immigrated to United States, where he was faced with some of the most difficult times of his life; a place where innovation drives everyday success. Robert not innovated but also helped shaped some sought after styles of the 21st century.
Specialty: mens cuts and styling and shaving with a straight edge. His lifes mission is to provide the service that most men dream of.

Senior Men's Stylist
Master Groomer